mental health Admissions Process

New Admissions

The Mental Health Assessment and Referral team at Mayhill Hospital helps people find their way to an appropriate level of mental health treatment. Our intake clinicians are sensitive to the needs of people in crisis. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to complete a level of care assessment. Our assessments may take between 30 and 60 minutes. Our clinicians will review the completed mental health assessment with the physician on duty to help determine the best level of care for you. If inpatient hospitalization is not deemed necessary, you will be given a referral to an appropriate outpatient provider to help meet your needs. If inpatient treatment is deemed necessary, the intake clinician will review and complete admission paperwork with you.

We are not an Emergency Room, and if there are medical concerns at the time of assessment, medical clearance from a medical facility may be necessary prior to completing the assessment.

Criteria for Inpatient Hospitalization

Patients appropriate for admissions to our inpatient acute programs exhibit significant impairment in their functioning at home, work and school or within the community. This may include being a danger to themselves or others, displaying a serious impairment in judgment and/or psychotic features that place individuals at risk.

Please be sure to bring the following items to your assessment:

  • ID and Insurance Cards
  • Current medications (including inhalers, glasses and contacts)
  • Name and contact information for all outpatient providers (primary care doctor, outpatient therapists, school information, etc.)
  • Legal documents that may impact admissions, including guardianship papers