Make a Referral for mental health treatment

To make a referral for mental health treatment at Mayhill Hospital, you must first speak with an Intake Clinician. Please call (940)239-3000, the direct number to our Assessment and Referral (A&R) Department.

Please provide as much information as you can about the individual you are referring to Mayhill Hospital. The A&R staff will ask you a series of questions to obtain specific data, including demographic information regarding the person you are referring as well as what led to the referral for a level of care assessment.

Please request a Mayhill Hospital Release of Information form to be signed by the individual you are referring.

Please send the most current information/evaluation/laboratory work that you have available to help our physician make an informed decision regarding the referral.

Our team of intake professionals will work with you to determine the best way to assess your referral.  We have a team of mobile assessors who can perform an evaluation at your facility, or one of our physicians can review the case to determine the best level of care.